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AIM Global DTC – DTC AIM Global Inc

Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global DTC stands for Distributor Tracking Center, the Online Tracking Center for all AIM Global Distributors. This is the back end area where you manage every aspect of your AIM Global Business such as registration, reorder management, Encashment and lots more.

For you to Login into your AIM Global DTC , you need your Username and Password. If you don’t have this, talk to your Upline (the person that registered you), login into Alliance in Motion DTC is really simple and straightforward. To login to your AIM World or AIM Global Distributor Tracking Centre, all you need is to Download AIM Global DTC Login App here.

When You open the App, you will see the AIM Global Inc DTC Login Page, you will see the Field for Your AIM Global Username and Password which was generated when you were registering your AIM Global Account and the System will log you into Your AIM Global DTC.


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